Open Door Mission

Open Door Mission

Open Door Mission to the Philippine Islands was established with the Lord’s guidance in 1986, by Tito and Sandy Pel.  Tito grew up in the Philippines and came to Cincinnati Christian University (then CBC&S) in 1983 for post-graduate work.  There he met Sandy, an undergraduate at CCU.  They were married in May of 1986 at Northern Hills Christian Church — Sandy’s home church.  They left for the Philippine Islands in October of that year to start the mission work.  In the beginning of their ministry they taught at the Manila Bible Seminary in the capital city of the Philippines.  In 1992, they started doing church planting, and established the Christ’s Church in Makati in Makati City, one of the many cities that make up Metro Manila.  They started a school, the Makati Integrated Christian Academy, in 1997.  This is a school from pre-school through high school age using the ACE or Accelerated Christian Education program.  They also started the Christ’s Mission Foundation International, Incorporated in 1995.  The CMFII has helped start other churches, supported a missionary to Indonesia, and helped with blood donation and prison ministry.

The Pels have three children, all born overseas:  James Titus (married to Sarah), Jeshua Titus, and Marisa Grace.  They also have 3 wonderful grandchildren:  Nehem, Abram, and Finly.

After 22 years on the mission field, the Pels are now residing in the U.S.  They are still overseeing the ongoing mission work in the Philippines through many means of communication and regular trips by Tito to check on the work.  When the Pels moved to the U.S. in 2008, they turned over the work to those who had been trained to continue church planting efforts, and also continue the work of the Foundation and School.  There are currently nine church plants under the Open Door Mission, most of them in the Metro Manila area, but a few in the provinces, as well.  The Pel family lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Tito is currently the Senior Minister of the Moores Hill Church of Christ in Moores Hill, Indiana.


Mission Update 2016