Questions About Sin (1/2/22)

You Can Always Tell a Disciple (1/9/22)

The Lukewarm (1/16/22) Matthew Nichols preaching

Fruit of the Spirit (1/23/22) Nathan Woods preaching

The Power of Love (1/30/22)

Greater is He Who is in You  (2/6/22)

God is Love (2/13/22)

The Joy of Service (2/20/22) Eric Gnagey preaching

Prophecy Fulfillled:  Jesus in the Old Testament (2/27/22) Josh Mayersky preaching

The Mature Love of a Disciple (3/6/22)

Overcoming the World (3/13/22)

What Do You Know For Sure? (3/20/22)

Father, Forgive Them (3/27/22)

My God, My God, Why… (4/3/22)

Father, Into Your Hands… (4/10/22)

Resurrection Sunday (4/17/22)

The Challenge of Discipleship (4/24/22)

Not Ashamed (5/1/22)