Ministry Team Goals & Directives

The history of the church of Jesus Christ is steep in a tradition of service.  Our Lord taught his disciples that they must be the servants of all.  He made it a point to tell his followers that He came, not to be served but to serve.  And He gave His church the example of a true servant, one who washed the feet of others and gave His life on the cross.  It is our desire as members of the body of Christ to carry on the rich tradition of serving others.

Our goal is to have everyone in our church family plugged in and making a difference with his or her life.  We encourage everyone to establish a “Focal Point.”  This “Focal Point” is the point at which the work of the Lord’s church intersects our service in the body of Christ.

Below you will find a link to the description and goals for each of the Ministry Teams that function as a part of our church body.  Each of these teams has been established with the mission to continue the commission given by Christ to make disciples – going, baptizing, and teaching to obey his commands  (Matthew 28:19-20).  At NHCC we have also employed some helpful memory tools (FOCUS, and SIGHT) that each team is striving to make a part of their particular service emphasis (Focal Point) as they work together with other ministry teams and the church at large.  These should be used to continue to draw our attention to the key components of our focal point(s) and keep our mission clearly at the forefront of all we do.

All of this is done in love – to God and to others.  So in all that we do, we want to serve from a heart that cares for each disciple in training and for our community at large.  We want to be Compassionate, Accepting, Responsive, and Enjoyable servants that share the light of God’s kingdom and love with a world that needs the hope only He can provide.

We hope that you will take some time and acquaint yourself with the various works that go on in and through our church family.  Find a place where your talents and life can be used to make a different.

Together we are serving Christ!  Together we are making a difference!

Focus & Sight

Ministry Teams