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Student Ministries

Our student ministries at NHCC includes middle school (6-8th graders) high school (9-12th graders).  Our college/career group is a separate category (those attending college or who roughly fit that age paradigm*).  In our student ministries at NHCC we strive to create disciples of Jesus Christ who are then able to create more disciples of Christ (2 Tim.2:2).  These are three attributes that we set as benchmarks of the success of our student ministry at NHCC.

  1. A Prepared Answer – (1Pet.3:15)  It is of utmost importance that we prepare the minds of our young men and women to meet the challenges offered by every cultural paradigm, world view, religious perspective, and skeptical challenge.  We all must know our faith well enough to understand it ourselves, defend it before critics, and present it to all who inquire.  And further we should know other belief systems and faiths better than do their adherents.
  2. A Spirit of Holiness – (Gal.5:18-25)  Being set apart for the use of God means being different from our culture in some very significant ways.  Not everyone from our group looks clean cut or maintains the appearance of what some have traditionally expected from church-goers.  However, we hold without compromise, that we all must be different (holy) in distinction to the world in the most important ways.  In love, submission to our Master, submission to one another, worship, prayer, service, study, and a devoted struggle for personal purity.  In short, a life that honors our God.
  3. A Good Time – (Psa.126:1-3)  In a word: “Joy”.  We strive to make sure our every meeting is characterized by laughter and love.  This is to be a place you actually want to be, and a people you want to be around.


Student Ministries are quite active here at Northern Hills with three meeting times per week as well special activities most every month.  You’ll want to consult our schedule for specific event details and times.  Before attending any event with NHCC student ministries, you’ll need to fill out a medical release form which you can download here.  If you have any questions or concerns for middle school and high school students feel free to contact Ben Walker:

Cell: 513-331-9116 (text or call)