Ben Walker – Associate Minister

MINISTRY – Ben was born and raised in the greater Cincinnati area, and attended college at both Cincinnati Christian University and Miami University where in the year 2000 he received his B.A. in Sociology, Philosophy, and Comparative Religion.  Ben was hired on as a youth and associate minister by NHCC in the autumn of 2000, and has been ministering to the teens of NHCC ever since.  Ben did not start out his college career with the intention of becoming a minister, but quite unwittingly found himself practicing youth ministry on the side while working several jobs and attending college.  He received a call from Northern Hills and through much prayer and struggle decided to give the ministry a shot…it seems to be working out.

CALLING – Ben has a love for the Lord and for teenagers.  God has seen fit to pair him with a career in which he can exercise both.  Some of his deepest convictions and most profound joys in life have been in this venture.  He believes it is his personal charge to assure that every teen under his tutelage has a firm understanding of the gospel, a strong Christian walk, and an understanding of worldview and religions that will surpass their peers.  His approach to teaching is conversational with a Socratic (question based) bent, and a sincere and ever present emphasis on understanding what you believe.  To this end, one might describe our student ministries at Northern Hills as being strongly focused on Christian apologetics (historic, scientific, philosophic arguments for the truth of the Christian faith).  Ben believes that being a disciple of the Christ is primarily accomplished through time spent together with the one discipling you, and so Ben gears our programming at NHCC so that students have the opportunity to hang out with him and their fellow believers in “The Living Room” (our youth house… his office hours are largely spent in the company of our teens).  Beyond family and ministry, his time is consumed by hanging out with the youth group, playing drums, playing banjo, Kung Fu, imbibing vast amounts of coffee, watching rifftrax, playing computer games, reading and playing d20 games.

FAMILY – Ben Walker is married to Lisa Walker.  Lisa and Ben have been married since May of 1997, having met and married early in their college years.  Lisa presently teaches in our public schools and has earned her Master’s degree in education.  Together Ben and Lisa have two phenomenal children:  Grace and Aiden.